Use Mobile Key

Mobile key is an advance function of the App that help you transform your mobile phone into a digital key access. You no longer need to bring door card along. Everything is in your mobile.

At the moment, mobile key is only available for our King Room, 701 and 702.

***Here are the steps to activate your mobile key for your room:

  1. Check in at our receptionist desk
  2. Navigate My Bookings on the App Menu, choose My Stay
  3. Choose Get Digital Key, then Confirm to get the keyzd7.png

***After your key is activated, stand in front of the Door Room, and navigate to Room Control on the App Menu.

  1. Choose your room number if you book multiple rooms.
  2. Allow the App to access Location check in your mobile. By touching Digital Key, if you have not allowed, it shows as following:


Go to Settings > Apps > AGOODAY > Permissions. Make sure Location is on.


3. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile

4. Touch Digital Key, and hold your device against the Look door


If you want to share a room key to other roommates, please follow the following step

(i) Access to Room Control > Touch on icon on the top zdb1.png right hand-side


(ii) Enter the email address of each roommate


(iii) Each roommate needs to register an account with A Good Day App using email addresses in step(ii). After registration, go to Room Control > touch Digital Key



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