Do you have onsite parking? How much is parking? Is it included in my room rate?

We have parking lots in front of our hotel.
The fee for parking is 2,000 yen/night, which is not included in your room rate, Please book the lots via the URL below if you would like to park your car.
After you open the page, select the dates in the calendar on the right. If it’s available on the selected dates, you can proceed the booking by choosing “Parking lot.”
Please be informed that we only accept payment in advance.
When booking, please be aware of our cancellation policy which is applied to bookings of parking lots.*When you cancel your stay, please be careful not to forget to cancel your parking. In any case you forget and fail to cancel the parking, no refund will be made.When our parking spaces are full, you can find other parking lots near our hotel. You have to pay the fee usually when taking your car out.These below are relatively low-priced parking lots and not far from our hotel although they are in back alleys. 
1. [Estate More Tenjin Success] 
Address:1-14-21, Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka100 yen/hour 8:00-20:00 Maximum 700yen 
20:00-8:00 Maximum 500yen


1.[Time Park Haruyoshi YM Park] 

Across from the parking lot above100 yen/hour 600 yen for the first 12 hoursThere is another parking lot along the road in front of our hotel. Since only a minute walk takes you to the parking lot, you can easily find it. This parking lot is spacious and usually spaces are available.


1.[Mitsuino Repark Haruyoshi 1-chome Dai 4 Parking Lot] 

20:00~8:00 Maximum 800 yen
0:00~24:00 Maximum 500 yen300 yen/40 minutesThere are more parking lots around our hotel, and the fee is different depending on which one you use. If you need more information, try to find one by searching [Fukuoka Haruyoshi parking lot]. Thank you for your kind understanding.


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