General Technical Requirement

The A Good Day app is a mobile application that is downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (coming soon). It is generally used in much the same way as any other App.

Devices running the App should be used, charged, maintained and disposed of according to the standard instructions provided its manufacturer.

Android Supported Version

Android Version includes 4.4 and above

You should keep the operating system up-to-date and download the latest official versions from the mobile's manufacturers when they are made available to the public.

Approved Android Test Devices

LG G6, Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola Moto E4, OnePlus One, Lenovo P2, Google Nexus 5X, Google Nexus 6P, Google Pixel

iOS Supported Version & Approved Test Devices

Information will be available when iOS mobile app is delivered.

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